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'Cheating' The Odds

My recent trip to North Queensland was an awesome opportunity to test some of the new Nordic Stage “Kilt Collection” (due to be released to the Australian market mid 2014). These rods have been a much anticipated addition to the Nordic Stable. Each rod in the range features innovative and in many cases unique technology for the Australian market which, as distributors we find extremely exciting.  All the “Kilts” feature the sensational new Kigan Z guides which have been so successful for us on both our Areal Pro and Dynamic F1 ranges. In addition to this we will be introducing “X-Torque” technology to Australia and we are proud to do so.

The "Kilt" of preference up north was to be the Nordic Stage Cheater. This rod appealed as it offered some backbone and fast action desired for tussling with hard hitting fish such as Sooty Grunter in tight terrain. The two models used by me over the week were chosen for their relatively short lengths. Most waterways fished featured thickly vegetated banks making longer rod work just impossible. These shorter lengths allowed me to back hand cast lures into the tight terrain, often parallel along bank where the overhang was quite literally right under my feet!

Not all fishing was in tight country however as a fair bit of wading (intelligently through croc infested water) was undertaken to cross rivers or simply access snags unreachable for a land based cast. The fast snappy action of these rods still allowed a longer than expected cast really providing the best of both worlds for this sort of fishing. In fact, it was not uncommon to have to “pull” a cast as I adjusted to excellent casting capability. The tippy top half combined with the solid butt also allowed for a powerful strike preventing the sooties from disappearing back to their homes.

With lots of Cheaters, among other rods in the Kilt Collection to test for the Australian market, my first impression has been extremely positive and I cannot wait to work through the entire range!

Good fishing


Author: Angus
Published: 2014-06-20
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2104 is a loooong time to wait for awesome rods!
To: BarraGasm.

2104!!(?) Nice... Thanks for catching... Corrected!