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X-Torque – A Breakthrough in Rod Making Technologies

Everybody knows that lighter rods are simply better. They cast better, they are faster, they have a better action… But how about strength? Finding the right balance between the rod weight and the rod strength is the eternal problem of rod makers.

The rod production process starts with rolls of carbon fibre prepreg, i.e. carbon cloth pre-impreganted with epoxy resin, the prepreg being turned into rod blanks. In their quest to reduce the weight and to increase the stiffness of the rod, rod makers use expensive prepregs featuring high modulus carbon fibre and low resin content. The resulting blanks are light, fast and crisp – in fact, they are modern precision instruments. Unfortunately, as the modulus of the carbon fibre increases, the strength decreases. And as if that were not enough, the lower the resin content, the more brittle the rod.

A possible way out of this dilemma could be a combination of different prepregs, for example a blend of a light unidirectional high modulus carbon fabric and a heavier but stronger woven carbon fabric. There is, however, an even better solution: the X-Torque.

In a rod-making factory, the chosen prepreg is cut into patterns which are wrapped around a mandrel, a tapered metal rod of corresponding size. The angle at which the carbon cloth wrapping is applied has an enormous effect on the blank properties. Lets consider a cross wrapping. Like interweaving, it increases the power and the strength of a rod, but it is clearly preferable to interweaving since the resulting blank is more durable and at the same time distinctly lighter. And that's not all: the revolutionary X-Torque technology providing cross wrapping of carbon layers has much more to offer. 

X-Torque 3D model.

A serious drawback of a conventional rod blank design is as follows: when loaded, the blank will twist and change its shape from round to oval. Thus, the power and the casting accuracy of a rod are reduced. The X-Torque virtually eliminates the blank twist during bending. That means you can cast with more accuracy and more power. The control over a hooked fish is also improved. Moreover, our extensive tests of various spinning rods featuring the X-Torque technology revealed their amazing sensitivity. You can feel much better a lure’s action, bottom hits and fish bites. A fish not always slams a lure; sometimes you feel just a little pressure on the line or a slight ‘tick’. To make sure that such wary bites do not remain unnoticed, you have to get a very sensitive rod. An X-Torque rod boosts your confidence immensely.

The use of high quality low resin prepregs and the X-Torque technology allowed the RDL designers to develop for our partners some excellent rod ranges such as Nordic Stage Artist – fine rods with superb feel, balance and handling for an exhilarating fishing experience.

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Source: www.rdl.us.com