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Low Resin – A Way To Lighter Rods

Modern fishing rods are often called carbon rods as opposed to glass fibre rods. It has its justification insofar as carbon fibres have a special place among the materials used to produce such a rod. However, strictly speaking a rod is made of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer, not of plain carbon fibre. By combining carbon fibre with a resin system, one Continue Reading

Kigan Guides – An Obvious Choice

A fine fishing rod deserves the very best fittings. The choice of fittings and especially guides is of the utmost importance since their features affect the action of a rod as well as its casting properties, line-friendliness and immunity to tangles. As to the guides, we at Rods Development Lab definitely prefer Kigan products. Why Kigan? Because to make a Continue Reading

What’s In a Rod?

How to choose a fishing rod? What a question! The choice is strictly yours. But… are you sure, are you really sure that in choosing your tackle you are not unduly affected by manufacturers’ marketing techniques? Clever men responsible for marketing and advertising are always juggling with many small and big lies. “Fantastic” materials and “revolutionary” or “innovative” technologies are Continue Reading

Some Thoughts on Rod Power (Part 1)

The power of a spinning rod… How could we define it? What exactly does “a powerful rod” or “a powerful butt” mean? What’s the difference between ultra-light, light, medium and heavy rods? Well, there is the casting weight (CW). This measure concerns the weight of the lures a rod can handle. Although it tells us also something about the fish Continue Reading